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The COVID-19 virus around the world creates unprecedented difficulties for all of us

Dear army team,
The COVID-19 virus around the world creates unprecedented difficulties for all of us. Important today
take care of your safety and the safety of your customers.
In order to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, official
PFC CSKA stores in Moscow are closed from 03/28 to 04/05.
The cskashop.ru online store continues to work for you
The online store team is working hard to brighten up the days of fans spent
under quarantine. In the previous mode, the help desk is working by phone hotline
and in the online consultant on the site.
We launches free delivery in Moscow for customers over 65 years old. No need anywhere
go out, the courier will deliver the order for free *.
From March 28 to April 5, free courier delivery becomes available when ordering from

Moscow - 3000 rubles.

Regions - 5000 rubles.
For your safety, we have introduced contactless delivery when paying for the order on the site. Employee
the transport company will arrive at the appointed time, call you, leave the parcel with your
the door will go 2 meters and make sure that you pick up the load.
We are doing everything in our power to overcome a difficult period. We ask you to relate
to everything with understanding and patience. We are confident that ultimately we will all come out of this
situations are stronger and more persistent.
Pulp and paper mill
Take care of yourself, your loved ones and be healthy!
* When coordinating the order with the manager by phone, inform about your age, if you
make an order for the first time and age is not specified in the profile. The manager will reset the shipping cost.

Unfortunately, the match PFC CSKA - Zenit March 22 will not take place.

Unfortunately, the match PFC CSKA - Zenit March 22 will not take place.
In order to somehow brighten up the disappointment of our fans from St. Petersburg who were planning to visit the game and the PFC CSKA company store, we reset the cost of delivery to the server capital.
Any order from 1000 rub. We will deliver the next business day completely free.
At your service at choice PVZ or courier.

Shop hours March 8

Dear customers!
On March 8, PFC CSKA branded stores will work for you in the following mode:
- the online store receives calls from 10 to 16 hours, you can place an order on the site yourself around the clock;
- retail stores in Moscow will be open from 10 to 19 hours.

  We will be glad to see you!
We wish you spring mood, sunny days, smiles, love and successful shopping!

Find out your size:
  • Equivalence size chart
  • Measurement
  • For men
  • For women
  • For kids and teenagers
International sizes XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Russian sizes 44 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54 54-56 56-58
Chest circumference, cm 83-86 89-92 96-100 104-108 113-118 124-130 136-142
Waist circumference, cm 71-74 77-80 84-88 92-96 101-105 112-119 125-132
Thigh circumference, cm 82-85 88-91 95-99 103-107 111-116 120-125 130-135
Height, cm 170-175 175-180 180-185 185-190 190-195 195-200 200-205
International sizes XXS XS S M L XL XL
Russian sizes 38 40-42 42-44 46-48 48-50 52-54 56-58
Chest circumference, cm 73-76 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-101 103-110 112-116
Waist circumference, cm 57-60 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-82 83-90 92-96
Thigh circumference, cm 82-85 87-90 92-96 97-101 102-108 109-117 118-122
Russian sizes 26-28 28-30 30-32 32-36 36-40 40-44 44-46
Age 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16
Chest circumference, cm 55-56 58-60 63-64 68-71 75-78 82-86 89-91
Waist circumference, cm 53-55 55-56 57-59 62-64 66-68 71-73 75-77
Thigh circumference, cm 57-60 61-63 66-68 71-74 78-81 85-89 92-94
Height, cm 99-104 111-116 123-128 135-140 147-152 159-164 171-176
  • Chest circumference

    Flexible ruler should be tightly fitted to your body. It should touch the most protruding spots from the front, axillary crease of your flank and shoulder blades from behind.

  • Waist circumference

    Centimeter ruler should lie horizontally along your waist natural line and close up at the most protruding spot of your abdomen.

  • Thigh circumference

    Centimeter ruler should lie horizontally over the most protruding spots of your thighs and buttocks.

  • Height

    You should measure a height from the top of your head to the lowest part of your feet.

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